Tiptop Audio has introduced its new ModFX spatial manipulation processor and FSU timbre and time destroyer at the Superbooth 2021 trade show.

The Tiptop Audio effects module line continues with two new additions: ModFX, a modulation effect processor with a smooth sound and wide stereo spread and FSU the experimental processor code name F**K S**T UP that you won’t understand it till you start to use it.

Both are built from the same platform as ECHOZ, ZVERB and the Z5000 they have the same easy to use and compact UI with CV control over all three DSP parameter and the unique analog clock control that drives the internal DSP processor.

Both 8HP modules are available in the white panel as well as the backlit black panels, priced 200 USD/EUR.

Additionally, Tiptop Audio has announced that it has joined forces with Buchla to resume production of Don Buchla’s 200 series and convert it to Eurorack standards.

These extremely rare pieces of equipment made almost half a century ago will once again be available, and this time to a wide audience. Each module will be produced separately as production schedules and component availability allows. We recommend signing up for the project newsletter to get news updates on the progress of the projects and news alert when individual modules become available. Please also join the project’s user group on Facebook to receive all news and more.

The first run of selected models is expected to ship in Winter 2021.

More information: Tiptop Audio