TK Audio intros BC1Ltd bus compressor at Musikmesse


TK Audio has introduced BC1Ltd, a new version of its flagship bus compressor that adds several user-requested features, including the new Grab setting.

This adds a more obvious compression character in addition to the usual transparent mode that BC1 is famous for.

BC1Ltd is launched in celebration of TK Audio’s tenth anniversary as a leading manufacturer of world class audio tools. Only 100 units will be available – all individually numbered.


The BC1 bus compressor was the first product ever to emerge from the TK Audio brand in 2008, and it has remained the company’s most popular unit for this time. So as 2018 marks TK Audio’s tenth anniversary, it makes sense to launch a limited anniversary version with some new features that users have been requesting and which will make the unit even more useful.

  • Grab — BC1 was designed to add glue to mixes in a transparent and musical manner, and owners of the Ltd version will still be able to achieve that. But in addition, the new Grab setting offers a more aggressive and apparent compression behavior. This may be desirable on the drum bus or for a more snappy sounding mix.
  • THD and filter options — The BC1Ltd also has a THD switch, which adds a bit of crunch and tasty overdrive to the table. And in order to not have bass instruments having a too apparent impact on the mix, there are now three switchable high-pass filter options for the sidechain signal.
  • Attack time tweaks — Lastly, some new Attack time settings have been added, to make the unit useful in even more situations.

Units are already being shipped out to dealers worldwide. The list price of BC1Ltd is $1,489 USD/1,139 EUR/£969 GBP, excluding sales tax, or 12,495 SEK including sales tax.

More information: TK Audio

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