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TK Audio launches T-Komp dual mono compressor unit


TK Audio has announced the T-Komp, a new hardware compressor with a unique design.

TK Audio T-Komp

The key feature is the ratio, which is level dependent and increases with the signal level, like the vari mu compressors. To make it as useful as possible the T-Komp has two ratio ranges. The first one goes up to 20:1, perfect for instrument tracking and smashing drums etc., the second one is a more narrow range which makes it more suitable for bus compression.

The T-Komp can be selected between feed-forward mode for a punchy, modern response or feed-back mode with a smoother, more musical response. The RMS detector has five settings, four from fast to slow where number four, the slowest, is similar to the old 160VU. The fifth position is a program dependent adaptive mode. It is also equipped with a blend control for easy parallel compression, a HPF-filter to make it less sensitive to low energy like bass and kick drum, and for stereo use there is a link switch.

The T-Komp is the perfect workhorse both for tracking and mixing!

T-Komp features

  • Level dependent ratio which increases with the signal level just like vari-mu compressors.
  • Two ratio ranges, 1:1 to 20:1 or 1:1 to 2:1.
  • Feed-forward mode for a punchy, modern response or feed-back mode with a smoother more musical response (rack version only).
  • Five RMS settings, four from fast to slow and a program dependent adaptive mode.
  • Blend control for easy parallel compression.
  • 150Hz sidechain HPF (rack version only).

The T-Komp is available as a dual mono rack unit or as a single channel 500-series module.

More information: TK Audio

TK Audio T-Komp 500
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