TK Audio has released the Transceiver, a four channel insert station.

The Transceiver is a four channel universal interface between balanced and unbalanced gear. Each channel has a send level and a 0-20dB gain for the returns. A polarity switch is also provided on the return channels.

Transceiver features

  • Hook up your guitar pedals and old tape-echos to your DAW or console inserts.
  • Use it as a linebox for your bass, keyboard and guitar.
  • Also a perfect tool when you like to hook up your bass directly to your favourite pre’s mic input.
  • Transceiver is also a very useful re-amp tool.
  • Use your studio gear on stage by using the transceiver as a driver then route the balanced signal back through the transceiver to get an unbalanced instrument level back again.

The Transceiver has a list price of 740 EUR / $980 USD / £610 GBP ex VAT.

More information: TK Audio