Tokyo Dawn Labs has released a new beta version of its Feedback Compressor, a carefully designed RMS-based feed-back dynamics compressor for Windows.

The processor is dedicated to sum/bus compression and operates very smoothly – even under difficult conditions. The plug-in is the result of an intensive study about the musical behaviour of “classic” feed-back compressor designs. However, it has conceptually nothing in common with “pseudo analogue”, “vintage” or similar buzz words. This is a proud digital processor, made with lots of love and care. :)

Tokyo Dawn Labs Feedback Compressor

Tokyo Dawn Labs Feedback Compressor for Windows 32-bit/VST

Feedback Compressor features

  • Typical “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behaviour.
  • All relevant calculations are done at 64bit precision.
  • Bit-transparent differential oversampling structure (only the “wet” part is actually oversampled).
  • Internal re-sampling via high quality linear phase filters.
  • Advanced stereo-linking (reduces audible cross-modulation).
  • Adaptive integration time RMS detector.
  • Freely adjustable compression knee.
  • Blend between the original and compressed signal.
  • Optional side-chain HP filter.
  • Optional low and high frequency saturation.
  • Optional velocity-based auto-release (dynamic adaptation of release shape (!) and timing for transparent gain reduction).
  • Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted).

The Feedback Compressor beta is available as a free download for Windows PC (VST).

More information: Feedback Compressor