Acousticsamples – the editor of acoustic soundbanks like Telematic, Kawai Ex Pro, Mark 79, JBass etc. – has updated all their instruments to UVI format.

From now on, Acousticsamples soundbanks work properly in UVI Workstation 2, the free powerful player of MachFive 3.

“The engine, the script, the effects, all these possibilities made us want to use the UVI format for all of our products and only it. Supporting different formats was a hard task, there were inconsistencies between formats, limitations of some engines, and UVI had the answer to all of these problems, it is rock solid, works on all platforms, is easy to work with and has the most advanced script engine in the world. Licensing with UVI gave us the opportunity to have all of our libraries available for everybody, and deliver them with their own powerful player.” — Acousticsamples CEO, Arnaud SICARD

“UVI is very pleased to welcome Acousticsamples on board. They are one of the most hardcore scripters in the industry, and offer some of the most detailed instruments on the market (their Telematic guitar is just amazing!). It’s definitely a good sign for the future.” — UVI Creative Manager, Alain ETCHART

UVI Workstation 2 is available for 32/64-bit Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/MAS).

More information: Acousticsamples / UVI