SyS Audio has released Ton-Geraet 1 (SyS TG1), a multitimbral synthesizer instrument for Windows.

SyS Ton-Geraet 1
SyS Ton-Geraet 1 back

Coming from the C64 and 8-bit sound world, Wertstahl from SyS Audio always wanted to have a synthesizer that acted like a SID Soundchip but in a 16-bit context. So, he just took ideas from how the programmers on the C64 were generating certain effects to enrich the sound of the very limited chip, like sequentially switching waveforms or using arpeggio-lists to create pseudo-chords. The heart of the SyS TG1 was born: the wave-morph-sequencer. Not only can you sequentially switch from one waveform to another while your sound is played, but the waves will smoothly morph. This generates a multitude of transitions of over- and subtones, giving the SyS TG1 a unique sound.

Additionally, manipulation of sounds should be as simple and intuitive as possible, so SyS Audio added a double LFO-unit and an Akai S-1000 inspired 12-bit low-pass Filter. SyS Audio didn’t get it to make the distinctive high squeak sound when at 99% cutoff, but it is described as “very non-resonant and softening”.

Also, deep inside the device, you will find a mixing-routine switch, and the Kraftwerk-Inspired “Stoerstrahlung”-button.

The Ton-Geraet 1 plugin for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for 19.99 EUR.

More information: SyS Audio / Ton-Geraet 1