Tone2 Audiosoftware has released a beta version of Electra 2.5, the upcoming update of its Electra synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

The update includes Drag & Drop modulation, 8 additional delay effects and 10 additional distortion effects, improved Wav support, new LFO shapes, sample editor undo/redo, new presets, and lots more.

Tone2 Electra 2.5

The update to v2.5 is a major update, which is available for free.

Electra 2.5 is downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound quality.

The beta is now available to registered Electra2 users. Details on what is new in the version 2.5 public beta are available from the Tone2 forum.

More information: Tone2 Audiosoftware / Electra2