Tone2 Electronic for Gladiator 2

Tone2 has released Electronic, a preset and feature expansion for Gladiator 2.

Designed by the professional sound designers Markus Feil, Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee and Bastiaan van Noord, ‘Electronic’ is a collection of more then 300 sounds and new add-on features.

Impressive arpeggiator sequences, resonant basses, groovy drumlines, vocaloid sounds, cutting leads, chiptune sounds, techno stabs, rhythmic trancegates, deep housechords, atmospheric pads and ambient textures are among the many types of electronic sounds featured inside this expansion. A must have if you’re looking for new sounds or if you want to expand Gladiator with more features.

Electronic features

  • 300+ inspiring, unique presets aimed at miscellaneous genres of electronic music. The additional sounds can be accessed directly from the interface.
  • Stereo Trancegate: Featuring no less then 22 patterns for rhythmic gate effects.
  • Reverb Ultra: Reverb Ultra uses a new high-quality reverb algorithm, its soft and diffuse sound make it especially suitable for larger rooms and sculpting the proper ambience.
  • Three new early reflection effects: Early reflection, reverse reflection and gated reflection.
  • Aliaser: A LoFi retro-effect that works by mirroring the signal’s spectrum at the cutoff frequency.
  • Stereo Enhance: A stereo width effect, equipped with a High-Shelf filter to expand the stereo field while keeping the lower frequencies intact.
  • Three additional skins as free bonus content: Black, gold and red skin.

The Electronic expansion is available for purchase for 49 EUR / $69 USD.

More information: Tone2 / Electronic