Tone2 Gladiator

Tone2 has released Gladiator, the Harmonic Content Morphing based synth plug-in.

The award winning Gladiator gives you a groundbreaking approach to sound generation. Its exclusive HCM™ synthesis technique, covers new and unique aural territory, only possible with Gladiator. The innovative synthesis, design and unmatched sound quality, make this not only the perfect instrument, but also the best virtual synthesizer and go-to instrument for all those looking for the ultimate creative tool.

Gladiator features

  • Real high-end sound quality: Analog, warm, transparent and fat.
  • Huge sonic range: From classic to unique science fiction.
  • Low CPU and high reliability.
  • Gladiator can replace a complete room full of hardware.
  • Flexibility and expandability.
  • 750 professional sounds from Vengeance and others.

Gladiator is available for Windows PC and Mac OSX (license is cross platform), and costs 149 EUR/$199 USD (MAC version of Gladiator will be available before Christmas).

More information: Tone2 / Gladiator