Tone2 Gladiator 2

Tone2 has released version 2.2 of Gladiator, a virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC and Mac.

Gladiator 2 gives you a groundbreaking approach to sound generation, while supporting an extensive list of synthesis methods, including Tone2’s award winning Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) HCM uses a large, expandable collection of standard and resynthesized waves, these waves can be modified in real time, altering their harmonic structure. The innovative HCM synthesis covers new and unique aural territory, only possible with Gladiator.

Changes in Gladiator v2.2

  • New features
    • Midi learn support
    • Additional low pass filter: LP Superfat
    • New modifier: ‘Time Delay’, delays an oscillator’s spectrum
    • New modifier: ‘Pitch Harmonizer’, stacks up to 16 additional harmonics
    • New modifier: ‘Pitch Octaver’, stacks up to 8 oscillators tuned in octaves
    • Hotkey ‘m’ resets the mod matrix
    • 35 additional new presets
    • The interface now displays the user name above the preset browser
  • Improvements
    • Smoother analog like characteristic sound
    • More punchy envelopes
    • Chorus and ensemble have been replaced with analog modeled versions
    • Moog filter now supports ‘self oscillation’ for high resonance
    • Improved Comb filters
    • Improved LP 12dB Analog, BP 12dB Analog and HP 12dB Analog filters
    • Improved psychoacoustical processing
    • Improved protection against corrupt installations, or registering with the wrong keyfile
  • Changes and fixes
    • Fixed: System freeze / crash happening with certain system configurations (PC)
    • Fixed: User name was sometimes displayed incorrectly (Mac)
    • ‘Comb1’, ‘Comb2’ filters have been renamed to ‘Comb+’ and ‘Double Comb’
    • Fixed: a possible crash when Midi CC 121 was used
    • Fixed: Two spectra were missing due to invalid filenames (Mac)
    • Reworked factory presets to reflect engine quality improvements

Gladiator 2 is available as an instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for €149 EUR / $189 USD.

More information: Tone2 / Gladiator 2