Toontrack has released an all-new expansion for the EZbass virtual bass guitar instrument focused on capturing that quintessential ’80s-style bass sound.

Much like the decade itself, The Eighties EBX is a merge of electric and electronic. The expansion includes 2 individual instruments, a high-end electric bass guitar and a classic analog synthesizer. Each instrument was handpicked for their individual qualities and overall influence on the music of the time.

In addition to the instruments themselves, The Eighties EBX also includes a wealth of presets for a wide range of tones as well as a custom library of MIDI, allowing you to start writing and producing from the get-go.

If you’re looking for the ultimate palette of ’80s-like bass tones designed to work in anything from pop and rock to all-electronic new wave or synth pop, this is it. Welcome to your new go-to EZbass expansion!

Priced $89 USD, the EBX expansion is available to purchase at the Toontrack store and from distributor PluginFox.