Touch Loops has announced the release of a new sample pack with beautiful percussive textures and rhythms. Seeds & Shakers offers a carefully and lovingly performed dive into the diversity of world shakers, featuring Pesuña, Retama, Shekere, Shekerito, Tutto Seeds and much more.

With seeds mainly from Brazilian and Venezuelan trees, and from the African continent, you’ll find a pack full of texture first and foremost.

The ‘loops’ folder ranges from 70 to 130 bpm, so whether it’s hiphop or house you’re covered! Long for ‘texture’ recordings are also provided, perfect for laying with less beat driven and ambient music, or for chopping up in your DAW for even more unique patterns. The ‘stacks’ folder layers up some of our favourite sounds to create easy to use combinations of shakers and seeds that pan around the stereo field.

Priced £18 GBP, the pack includes a total of 115 royalty free loops.

More information: Touch Loops