Ryan of Touch Loops has announced 300 Free Dusty Driven One Shots, a sample pack featuring 300 drum one shots covering drum machines, foley and all sorts of useful sounds.

Touch Loops 300 Free Dusty Driven One Shots

The collection is something that we’ve been putting together for a little while now and samples old recording sessions from the last few years. We’ve both got a real love for classic gear and classic recording / mixing techniques so giving these sounds away was a no-brainer really – I think a strong sense of community is really important in both business and also music production so the more we can share the better really. We hope everyone likes them as much as we do.”

Gear Wise:

Drum Machines – 808,909, Vermona DRM1 and possibly more from older sessions.

Hardware – We always track through the same chain of either a Neve Pre & EQ or an Avalon 737. We have a lovely old Toft console but we’re both big fans of pushing the Neve and also the Avalon. They have such a lovely character and really enhances the harmonic character of the drums.

The sample pack is a free download.

Touch Loops operates out of London & LA with the aim of offering new easy to use audio solutions for producers and composers. Make sure to check out the commercial products as well.

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