AppBC has released version 1.1.0 of touchAble, an app for controlling Ableton Live from the Apple iPad.

Navigate around your live set with the touch of a finger, tweak Lives mixer, instruments and fx with full automapping and unlimited tracks & parameters. touchAble allows live users to walk away from their computer and perform live from anywhere within Wi-Fi range while keeping latency at a minimum.

New Features

  • Interaction
    • Multitasking enabled (needs iOS 4.2).
    • “Disable Sleep” option added.
    • Changeable track width: show 8/4/2 tracks at once – Great for Live-performances!
    • Changeable clip height: normal size & double size.
    • If you decide to show 4 or 2 tracks instead of 8, the mixer-view will automatically show more parameters at once.
    • 2 tracks-mode will show volume, send A+B and another parameter of your choice per track.
    • “momentary solo/cue buttons” added: a short tap on solo/cue will toggle it on / off, a long tap will toggle on when you begin the touch and toggle off when you lift your finger.
    • (optional) “relative faders” added: Instead of jumping to your fingers position the faders will only move the amount that your finger moved before.
  • Transport
    • Dedicated stop button.
    • Dedicated record button.
    • Tempo Control: Drag with your Finger over the BPM counter to increase / decrease the tempo. To change it faster start on the left side, to do it slower drag on the right side.
    • Current song position display.


  • Communication between touchAble and Live
    • Optimized the way touchAble connects to Live – the connection is now even more reliable, stable and faster.
    • Changed process of communication between touchAble and Live: Loading & reloading clips is now 10x faster!
    • touchAble will automatically be synced and stay updated if you load a new set.
    • If you delete / add tracks the set will be updated in the background, no annoying wait-times anymore.
    • Server App defaults to touchAble 1 for iPad 1 & touchAble 2 for iPad 2. On Windows it will default do MIDI Yoke 1 & 2.
  • Graphic User Interface
    • Inertia Scrolling in all Live-related modules (Clips, Mixer, Devices).
    • Trigger, recording & stopping animations on clips.
    • Moving one view from top to bottom or the other way around will no longer leave the old half empty. The views will switch.
    • Lots of design-changes throughout the app. New menu-bar, mixer, clips, cross and more.
    • eq8: added highlight to currently selected dot.


  • Fixed: Clips now show playstatus after new load / reload.
  • Fixed: clips without names now don’t show the name of the clip processed before.
  • Fixed: a scene without a name doesn’t use anymore the name the scene processed before.
  • Fixed: an issue that rendered the bottom left corner unresponsive.
  • Fixed unreadable text on white clips.

touchAble is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $24.99 USD.

More information: touchAble