TriTone Digital ColorTone

TriTone Digital has released ColorTone-Pro 2.0, an effect plug-in for Mac.

ColorTone-Pro is a Tone Box which simulates the signal path of analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes. ColorTone-Pro is designed to provide analog-like character and flavor to the modern digital audio workstation.

ColorTone-Pro comes with a collection of classic studio models, including samples from world-class tape machines, EQs and mixing consoles.

ColorTone-Pro also allows you to load your own samples (instructions for sampling your own equipment are included) and provides you with our custom-coded Warmth algorithm to enhance the signal-path with extra harmonic goodness.

Additionally, ColorTone-Pro allows you to multiply the color of the selected circuit, increasing the color from the standard character to several times the original color.

Changes in ColorTone-Pro v2.0

  • Pluggo no longer required.
  • 30% less CPU usage.
  • Load x3 faster.
  • New bigger and improved convolutions.
  • Improved Blend algo with fast(distortion) or slow(compression) settings.
  • Improved FFT display.
  • A/B comparison of settings added.
  • Option-click to reset parameters to default.
  • Mousewheel support added.
  • Lower latency.
  • New plugin ID with better RTAS compliance.
  • Intel Mac only for now.

ColorTone-Pro for Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for 89 EUR. Previous ColorTone users can upgrade for 19 EUR.

More information: TriTone Digital