Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the Solino String Proto Ensemble MK 1, a virtual instrument library for Kontakt that offers a recreation of an imaginary Eminent Solina String Ensemble ‘prototype’.

The library was sampled from the original MARK1 version of the polyphonic multi-orchestral synthesizer, with the ensemble effect always on.

You can configure the ultimate string synth, with as many combinations of any of the 6 instruments as your computer can handle, and adjust the keyrange and controls for each individual preset.

Sampled through vintage valves and transformers – no tape was used in order to preserve the purity of the wave – a taped version may well surface one day as a free upgrade.

Featuring customisable ‘EQ MODULATION’ EFFECT (see 2nd video in the player), plus 2 PHASERS – allowing a different variety of ensemble with a wide range of movement, for complex and evolving synthesized orchestral sounds.

The Solino String Proto Ensemble MK 1 is on sale for only £6.95 GBP / $8 USD until October 2nd, 2022.

More information: Tronsonic