TrustedAudio has announced that it has improved its Audio Watermarking Tools (AWT), offering an easy and reliable way to share, deliver, and distribute audio files securely by means of watermarking and digital signing.

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Unique watermarks are embedded into acoustic content of every audio file copy delivered to each individual recipient. Records of each watermark, together with the file meta-data and the recipient info associated with the delivered file, are securely stored in the TA database, enabling the file owner to identify and backtrace delivered copies at any time, instantly and reliably.

A user can choose to make a signature public; in such case any TA visitor will be able to authenticate the track by analyzing even a short fragment of it and retrieving its copyright information.

The TrustedAudio watermarking engine has undergone a significant technology upgrade. Watermark scanning is now deeper, more reliable and faster. This upgrade is automatically available to all existing users.

Also, TrustedAudio does not only scan analyzed audio files for the presence of hidden (private or public) TrustedAudio signature. The engine can now identify songs using audio fingerprinting technology (in cooperation with

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