TSE Audio has released TSE X50, a free guitar amplifier effect plugin for Windows.

The X50 is a digital emulation of a famous US guitar amp. Because two almost similar amps were made, both red channels are modeled. The green channel is modeled after the first make. You can’t go wrong with this amp for metal!

TSE Audio X50

The TSE X50 amp is modeled against a schematic of the original unit and every stage is taken into account with minimal simplifications.

TSE X50 features

  • Input Level: Control the incoming (guitar) signal. Value of 1.0 = +0dB and 2.0 = +6dB.
  • Output Level: Control the outgoing (amp) signal.
  • PreGain: Preamp gain, this is the main dirt control of the amp.
  • Low, Mid, High: Tonestack/Equalizer.
  • PostGain: Volume/PA overdrive.
  • LowEnd: The amount of resonance in the (modeled) speaker (~70Hz).
  • Presence: The amount of presence, 1kHz and up.
  • Red Ch. Mode switch: Change between MK1 and MK2 version of the red channel (only).
  • PreAmp switch: Bypass the preamp-section.
  • PowerAmp switch: Bypass the poweramp-section.
  • PowerTubes switch: Change between 6L6GC/EL34 tubes in the PowerAmp model.
  • Quality switch: ‘LO’ and ‘HI’ setting. HI setting removes additional aliasing.
  • Stereo switch: Process two guitars at once. They must be hard-panned left/right to avoid bleed between channels! Panning should be done in the IR-loader or by channel routing.

The plug-in is available for Windows (32/64bit VST), Mac OS X version is coming.

More information: TSE Audio / TSE X50