Tsunami Track Sounds has released a new sample pack by DJ and producer T-AK. A collaboration with vocalist Mizuki, the Tokyo City Pop pack features 214 loops and one shots, including vocals, synth loops, pads, drums, bass, ambient nature sounds, and more.

The key to making city pop is to use simple grooves and sounds to express a slightly sentimental, nostalgic, spare and cool world amidst the neon lights and hustle and bustle of a chaotic city like Tokyo!

It’s important to avoid sharp EDM-type synths and bass tones, and instead use FM synths with rounded corners. Don’t forget to add flavor to each sound with vintage shimmering plug-ins such as RC20, SuperVHS, and REELS that everyone loves.

City pop has its roots in the unique Tokyo sound of the 90’s during the period of rapid economic growth, so in order to recreate that, it’s important to use stylish but urban minor chords. And keep it as simple as possible. If you combine that with a sound that’s not too modern, around 100 BPM, and a simple groove, you have city pop.

Available from Loopmasters, Tokyo City Pop is priced £28.95 GBP.