TubeOhm has released Alpha-Ray, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Yeah, 5 years TubeOhm First a big “thank you” to all TubeOhm users for their support for the 5 last years. We hope you have had a good time with our Instruments.

We are now glad to present you Alpha-Ray, a VA synth including special TubeOhm features. And the best, the full version is free, except the effect unit. Unlocking the effects unit costs only 4.95 €

Don’t worry, you can use the effects in the freeware version, only saving the settings is disabled.

TubeOhm Alpha-Ray

TubeOhm Alpha-Ray VST plugin for Windows PC

Alpha-Ray features

  • 2 main and 1 sub-oscillator / 10 Voices polyphony.
  • 2 main and 1 mod LFO (Pitch wheel), tempo host sync and phase sync.
  • 3 filters, a 6 dB HP , a 24 dB ladder and a main 12 dB state veriable filter. The 6dB filter coupled to the main filter gives a BP filter.
  • OSC FM with OSC 1+2 and OSC SYNC with OSC 1+2.
  • Polyphonic overdrive for OSC 1,2 and sub osc.
  • Auto Portamento mode. Activates the portamento when 2 keys are played in mono mode.
  • After touch for enhanced modulation for the filter and the pitch modulation.
  • User manual in 4 languages (German, English, French and Italian).
  • Additionally, unlocking Alpha-Ray enables saving the effects settings per patch:
    • 2-stage overdrive.
    • 3-stage chorus.
    • Delay ‘x’ and ‘ normal mode, tempo sync to host.
    • Special reverb, delay cluster, normal reverb, oil tank effect.

Alpha-Ray for Windows (VST) is a free download at TubeOhm. The effects section will be unlocked (allowing settings to be saved) after purchasing a license for 4.95 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm