TubeOhm Instruments has announced its Vocoder-II vocoder effect plug-in for Windows.

The TubeOhm Vocoder-II has been designed to be very easy to use. It offers a multitude of different effects: Formant Effects, Voice Disguisers, Vocoder Effects, Robot Voices, Talking Instruments, Synthesizer Effects.

TubeOhm Vocoder-II

Vocoder-II v1.19 uses 50+% less CPU compared to v1.18, without changes in sound quality.

Vocoder-II features

  • Insert effect.
  • 17 bank vocoder.
  • External inputs analysis/synthesis.
  • Built-in synthesizer.
  • Voice pitch to synthesizer.
  • Compressor for analysis signal.
  • Built-in analysis sampler.
  • Effects unit with chorus and delay.
  • Formant shift.
  • 12/24dB analysis and 12/24dB synthesis filter.
  • Filter spread.
  • Resonance for all filters.
  • User mode, adjust the complete filter bank.

The Vocoder-II is available to purchase for 49 EUR. Existing TubeOhm users pay 39 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm