VST Buzz has announced a promotion on the Tuned Percussion Bundle, offering over 70% off on a collection of 9 Kontakt instrument libraires from Soundiron.

The “Tuned Percussion Bundle” is a bundle of all of Soundiron’s premier tuned percussion instrument libraries, encompassing a broad range of acoustic sounds and integrated performance features.

This mighty toolbox of melodic sounds includes 9 volumes, with over 18,000 samples and more than 20GB of content. You’ll find hundreds of intuitively playable, customizable Kontakt instrument presets and brilliant sound quality.

On sale for 79 EUR, the bundle includes Alto Glockenspiel, Circle Bells, Cylindrum, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, The Musique Box, Noah Bells, Water Harp and Whale Drum.

The offer is available at VST Buzz until May 5th, 2021.