W.A. Production has announced a brand new expansion pack for the ImPerfect software synthesizer instrument. Future Rave for ImPerfect delivers 60 presets for your next music production.

ImPerfect is one of the most unique synths on the market today. Its detuned oscillators and modulating effects provide the power to design mind-bending sounds that you won’t find anywhere else. As fans of the Future Rave genre, our team decided it was time to take advantage of ImPerfect’s design engine to give you Future Rave for ImPerfect by W. A. Production!

Future Rave for Imperfect includes 60 versatile presets that will be a great addition to your toolkit. You’ll get the classic sounds from this genre with a modern and inspiring twist! With the basses, leads, synths, and FX included in this expansion, you’ll have everything you need for your next Future Rave track, so download it today and get to work!

The soundset is on sale for the intro price of $5 USD for a limited time only (regular $9.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production