Tweakbench has released updated versions of all its VST plug-ins.

From the website:

Patience is a virtue, so here’s a little reward. all the plugins have a point release, updating many little things, and keeping things up to date. all of the cycler series, and everything using any granular processes should perform a bit better now, and i’m just a few days away from the newest addition to the family ;)

Changes in these updates

  • All of the cycler series (breakdown, dropout, mashup, sideslip) should all get some bug fixes in regards to timing, and some CC issues.
  • Anything with granular processes (pudding, minerva) should see some increased performance as well.
  • Everything else has just been updated to use the latest external modules, and latest SynthEdit bug fixes to increase compatibility.

Tweakbench plug-ins for Windows PC are free (donations appreciated) and you can download a bundle of all the plug-ins for a donation of $5 USD.

Visit Tweakbench for more information.