Twisted Tools Bundles

Twisted Tools has announced a sale on some bundles of its products.

We’re having a sale! Now through December 31st*, we’re offering bundle pricing.

  • Choose any 3, get 10% OFF
  • Choose any 5, get 15% OFF
  • Buy all our products get 33% OFF!

Twisted Tools has also introduced Rolodecks, a new effects package for Native Instruments Reaktor 5, composed of two effects.

  • Rolodecks – Realtime dynamic multi-effect by Twisted Tools.
  • RoloEXT – A version of Rolodecks which allows you to insert your own effects.

Rolodecks is available to pre-order now for $49 USD. The Rolodecks Pro pack is $69 USD (includes Rolodecks and RoloEXT). Rolodecks pre-orders are part of the new bundle offers.

More information: Twisted Tools