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TwistedWave updated to v1.8

TwistedWave batch processing

Audio editor for Mac TwistedWave was updated to version 1.8.

The main new features being the availability of a 64-bit version of TwistedWave, automatically splitting a sound file by detecting silences, and the ability to export iPhone ringtone files.

Changes in TwistedWave v1.8

  • New Features:
    • Automatically split a sound file by detecting silences.
    • A 64-bit version is available.
    • Exporting iPhone ringtone files.
  • Improvements:
    • Seting a default zoom when opening documents.
    • Editing the selection by dragging its edges.
    • Option to keep the processing tail when applying an effect stack.
    • Once an effect stack was applied, it becomes bypassed.
  • Fixes:
    • The sound level could be reduced when using the “Change Pitch and Speed” effect.
    • Recording or playing could stop working if an audio device is unplugged/replugged, or when the computer goes to sleep.
    • Auto extend to crossing didn’t work when playing audio.
    • Saving 8bit aiff files was broken.
    • Reading markers would fail for certain WAV files.
    • Importing markers was broken.

TwistedWave for Mac is available to purchase for $79 USD.

More information: TwistedWave

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