u-he updates DIVA analog synthesizer plugin to beta 477

u-he DIVA

u-he has updated its Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac to beta 477.

The beta version works without restriction until December 31st.

Become an early adopter, play an active role in development as we nurture this baby to perfection over the next few weeks…

Changes in Diva

  • Added Dymo labels [477]
  • Fixed bug in Modifier section [477]
  • Made it release candidate [477]
  • Removed some unused parameters from automatble list [475]
  • Added tuning for stacked voices (+/- 24 semitones) [475]
  • Added 6 voices as max stack [475]
  • Added undo/redo [475]
  • Fixed LFO no-reset bug [475]
  • Improved gui and naming consistency [475]
  • Swapped yellow “!” for less obtrusive “M” [475]
  • Rendered gradients for Win version [475]
  • Constrained ADS ModEnv Attack peaking behaviour [472]
  • Improved input/output gain of Sallen-Key Rev2 [472]
  • Some more GUI tidy up and cleaning [472]
  • Fixed missing notes in legato mode [472]
  • Fixed Digital Envelopes Velocity->Attack bug [472]
  • Tidied up Modifications tab (no wires no more…) [472]
  • Added switch for 12dB OTA Ladder [472]
  • Fixed LFO rate modulation bug that could cause audio desasters [472]
  • Added Yellow Triangles where appropriate [472]
  • Mac AU passes AUValidation [472]
  • Delay Wow instead of Flutter (misnomer), and more subtle [472]
  • Adjusted default slops [472]

DIVA for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to pre-order for $119 USD until December 31st, 2011 ($60 off).

More information: u-he / Diva

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I admire this guy ethusiasm and technical know-how, but his instruments are most destructive CPU eaters ever. Simple monophonic saw on Intel E8400 can eat 10%!! Play one septachord and that’s 40%. That’ beyond crazy. There are some of you who will claim that quality needs processing power and render every few tracks in the mix… but this is just geeky overkill.


But, but… it just sounds so fat! ;-)

Diva is a bit of a monster at the moment yeah, and ACE – which I love for its sound – can also be with high quality rendering. Zebra isn’t too bad though. I use that one a lot and never really find its CPU usage gets in the way on my duo core (I have an E8400 too).


” Not even close to the real thing. Reverb and delay?? C’mon. ”
remember that?

Yep, authenticity again!
Nothing “beyond crazy” regarding DIVA and I assume that your “geeky overkill” statement was posted without you thinking twice!
Do you know what the developer has after when creating this synth?

Sure, I don’t argue the fact that DIVA is a CPU hog atm, but despite that, some people may notice a bigger difference in quality than others.

…or “geeky overkill” may be considered as a compliment to the developer who was interested in doing the job right!
anyway… opinions! :)


Actually, I didn’t even thought once when I made that statement, because I’m stupid, right? By “some people may notice a bigger difference in quality than others” you’ve probably meant “your hearing is inferior to mine”. How can you know that?? HiperSID is an emulation of a single chip and it proudly states that. Here’s what is stated on u-he’s page: “The oscillators, filters and envelopes closely model components found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear.” That seams pretty vague to me. Hence, there’s nothing specific it should be compared with for it’s authenticity. Overkill… Read more »


RE the modeling, the thread at KVR is rather large at close to 2,500 post, but from what I have read there I understand Diva is able to emulate various synths and synth parts very closely. Urs has been acquiring some of those yesteryear synths to study and model, including a Minimoog sent to him by Hans Zimmer. Apparently there a lots of Roland to Diva, but there’s also some Sequential Circuits, Moog, Elka, Oberheim and Korg…


ijovica, you’ve misinterpreted the tone and content of my comment.. No need to get angry and overreact. “some people may notice a bigger difference in quality than others” In it’s original context, I was saying that some people may feel more or less of a difference in quality and despite the CPU strain, will end up using the synth or not. “Actually, I didn’t even thought once when I made that statement, because I’m stupid, right?” No.. just it could have been a case where you weren’t aware of the developer’s intentions and I felt that you started to post… Read more »