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u-he updates DIVA analog synthesizer plugin to beta 477

u-he DIVA

u-he has updated its Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac to beta 477.

The beta version works without restriction until December 31st.

Become an early adopter, play an active role in development as we nurture this baby to perfection over the next few weeks…

Changes in Diva

  • Added Dymo labels [477]
  • Fixed bug in Modifier section [477]
  • Made it release candidate [477]
  • Removed some unused parameters from automatble list [475]
  • Added tuning for stacked voices (+/- 24 semitones) [475]
  • Added 6 voices as max stack [475]
  • Added undo/redo [475]
  • Fixed LFO no-reset bug [475]
  • Improved gui and naming consistency [475]
  • Swapped yellow “!” for less obtrusive “M” [475]
  • Rendered gradients for Win version [475]
  • Constrained ADS ModEnv Attack peaking behaviour [472]
  • Improved input/output gain of Sallen-Key Rev2 [472]
  • Some more GUI tidy up and cleaning [472]
  • Fixed missing notes in legato mode [472]
  • Fixed Digital Envelopes Velocity->Attack bug [472]
  • Tidied up Modifications tab (no wires no more…) [472]
  • Added switch for 12dB OTA Ladder [472]
  • Fixed LFO rate modulation bug that could cause audio desasters [472]
  • Added Yellow Triangles where appropriate [472]
  • Mac AU passes AUValidation [472]
  • Delay Wow instead of Flutter (misnomer), and more subtle [472]
  • Adjusted default slops [472]

DIVA for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to pre-order for $119 USD until December 31st, 2011 ($60 off).

More information: u-he / Diva

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