u-he has updated its virtual analog synthesizer DIVA to version 1.0.1.

u-he Diva

Apart from a little speed bump, we’ve removed some pops when switching presets or filter types. A comprehensive user manual is now included too. Just download her from our website and install over your current setup.

Also, only 4 more days to go to get the 60$ off introduction offer. DIVA is still 119$ till Sunday 15th of January.

u-he also announced that Bazille 0.5 will remain free until the end of 2012.

You might know about our long term project, Berlin Modular and its modular FM/PD unit called Bazille. While we hope to put it into its final shape this year, we have updated the alpha version of Bazille to 0.5 and extended her free-to-use time till end of 2012.

More information: u-he