Ueberschall has released Trumpet 2, a new Elastik soundbank featuring trumpet sounds.

Ueberschall Trumpet 2

If you need some classic – and classy – solo trumpet lines, then look no further than Trumpet 2. Featuring the virtuoso playing of Gary Winters (the performer behind the complementary Flugelhorn library), Trumpet 2 brings you over 1.4 GB of solo trumpet samples, beautifully produced, and ready to drop into your projects.

With over 1100 loops, Trumpet 2 is organized into folders based upon the various performance options used: Open trumpet, bucket mute, straight mute, cup mute, harmon mute, plunger mute or wahwah mute.

Whatever the style and sound you require, Trumpet 2 can deliver. Each folder contained further sub-folders with varying tempos (from 62 to 150bpm) and keys. The collection includes a combination of detailed performance options including melodic lines, gymnastic solos, sound effects, flutters and growls.

The library is available for purchase for 99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Trumpet 2