ufxmedia 2ufx

ufxmedia has announced the release of Loop Pads 2 uFX, a free Android app that allows you to migrate Loop Pads 24 Presets to uFXloops.

Loop Pads 24 Presets can be converted to uFXloops Project Files with this new App. These can then be imported into uFXloops where you can fully EDIT each Pad! Make music like you want, free up your creativity, enhance the predefined songs or get new ones.

After the Import you got all capabilites of uFXloops on Loop Pads 24 Presets:

  • Mixing with Effects (Reverb, Delay), Volume, Balance, Automation on individual Pads
  • Full access to the uFXloops Community with over 3000 sounds, instruments and projects
  • Add own Loops, Beats and Melodies, use your own samples.
  • Extend the Song – up to five Song Parts are possible
  • Save your Pad Clicks in Playing Variants
  • Record your Songs and Mixes
  • Community Styles House, Trap, Electro, Dance, Electronic, Rock, Dubstep, Hip Hop, EDM and many more

The app is a free download from Google Play.

More information: ufxmedia / Loop Pads 2 uFX