Ugritone has released a new virtual drum instrument that aims to deliver compact, mix-ready drum tones for your next song: Tight Studio Drums.

Tight Studio Drums is a Drum Sample Library designed to be the workhorse drum library for every songwriter. Whether you’re making Punk, Rock, Pop, or Country – Tight Studio Drums can cater to the tone you’re after.

Tight Studio Drums features tight and snappy shells with lush and open cymbals.

Tight Studio Drums features

  • Ugritone Drums VST/AU/AAX Player Plugin.
  • Installer for Ugritone Drums + Sample Data.
  • 2 snares, 2 kicks, 1 full set of toms, 10 cymbals (hihat, crashes, chinas, splashes, stacks, ride).
  • ~600 MB download size.
  • Drums engineered by Toni Kauko at Ugritone Studios, Hollola, Finland.
  • Drums mixed by Ron D. Rock at Soundstakk 3.0, Kingsville, ON.
  • Drums hits performed by Toni Kauko.

Regularly priced $29 USD, Tight Studio Drums is on sale for only $10 USD until September 30th, 2022.

Rekkerd readers can 20% off on Tight Studio Drums and all other Urgitone products by using discount code REKKERD at the checkout.

More information: Ugritone