Ultimate Midi Plugin has announced an update to the UChord MIDI effect that creates chord progression based on a chord table and rhythm editor.

Version 1.4.7 adds drag reorder in data lists for rhythm, progression, and voicing. The update also adds scrollbar movement keystroke in data lists.

Drag reorder is possible even in the data filter state (search & favorite). There is a specific icon on the drag label in the filter state. When moving data by dragging, you can quickly move the scroll bar by using the mouse wheel or Home & End keys.

Double-clicking the scroll bar, the scroll bar moves to the selected index in the data list. In column sort state, drag movement is not possible and the state of drag label changes, but you can switch to initial index sort by toggling the favorite filter (or pressing reload button).

The UChord plugin for Windows (VST) is currently on sale for $15 USD (regular $49 USD).

More information: Ultimate Midi Plugin