Ultimate Midi Plugin has announced an update for the UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) plugin, a tool that is designed to help you create chord progressions based on chord tables and a rhythm editor.

Version 1.2 adds voicing inversion, an edit mode button on the progression view, and a voicing filter option.

Voicing inversion features

  • Voicing Inversion affects the rhythm editor and voicing editor.
  • The inversion value is displayed as the shape and number of arrows on the chord item in the progression view.
  • In edit mode, the header area of the chord item acts as an option bar, and you can change the inversion state easily and simply by pressing the inversion buttons.
  • When saving a progression, the inversion state is also saved.
  • It is reflected in undo and redo state, and drag and drop of the chord item is possible even in edit mode.

UChord for Windows (VST) is on sale for $14 USD for a limited time (regular $49 USD).

More information: Ultimate Midi Plugin