Ultimate Producer is a new platform offering Interactive music production challenges that test, train and transform your ability to create pro-sounding music.

The first challenge is Balancing Channels, a smart, fast and fun way to improve your ability to balance a mix.

The Problem: Creating pro-sounding music is impossible if you don’t know where you’re going wrong. Generic blogs, video tutorials and courses can’t identify and solve your personal music production struggles.

The Solution: Ultimate Producer offers interactive music production challenges that test and train your studio skills. You’ll learn to adapt and solve common production problems, transforming your ability to create pro-sounding music.

In Balancing Channels you will be tested on your ability to balance the channel faders of a mix.

Ultimate Producer Balancing Channels

You’ll get immediate feedback on what you’re doing well and actionable advice on where you can improve. With practice, this knowledge will transform your ability to get a pro-sounding balance in your own mixes.

Balancing Channels with Tom Frampton is priced £29 GBP.

With a free trial, you can play level 2 of the song ‘Galactic Love’ as many times as you like.

More information: Ultimate Producer