Unfiltered Audio has released Dent 2 and Indent 2, two distortion effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

Unfiltered Audio Dent 2

Two cutting edge saturators from Unfiltered Audio just got a whole rack of new features that make them more powerful than ever before.

Dent 2 is a waveshaping toolkit that allows you to squeeze, split and obliterate sounds at the wavecycle level, while Indent 2 is its slimmed-down counterpart that can saturate and soothe to your ear’s content.

Both feature Unfiltered Audio’s unique modulation system that allows you to intuitively control parameters and other modulators in real-time, producing anything from subtle motion to total sonic mayhem.

Dent 2 features

  • Presets from The Crystal Method, Mirrorball Entertainment, Julius Dobos, and Toby Pitman (Air Studios).
  • Six distinctive bitcrushing algorithms (including a circuit-bent toy simulation!).
  • Randomize Preset feature—surprise and amaze yourself with sonic madness!.
  • Ten clippers: Hard/Soft Clip, Wavefold, Overfold, Harsh Fold, Distortion, Tube, Tape, Gloubi, & Cubic.
  • Complex Mode gives users the option to apply a different saturation algorithm to each of the three clipping stages.

Indent 2 features

  • Great for familiar guitar pedal-style effects and unusual sounds that surprise and provoke.
  • Simple controls and intuitive visual interface help you saturate or mutilate tracks quickly and easily.
  • Choose two of ten clipping algorithms — Hard Clip, Soft Clip, Wavefold, Overfold, Harsh Fold, Distortion, Tube, Tape, Gloubi, and Cubic —independently for Indent’s input and output stages.
  • Unfiltered Audio’s flagship modulation system provides eight freely assignable and fully automatable modulators (sine LFO, sawtooth/triangle LFO, square-wave LFO, input follower, sample-and-hold noise, macro control, step sequencer, and ROLI Lightpad), with drag-and-drop virtual patching to every control knob.
  • Analog-style multi-mode filter with continuously variable resonance control.

Dent 2 and Indent 2 are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX), priced at $99 USD and $49 USD, repsectively. With the purchase of Dent 2, you get a full license for Indent 2 for free.

Owners of Dent can upgrade to Dent 2 for free at any time, while a time-limited promo offer allows owners of Indent to upgrade to Dent 2 for $29 USD until September 30th, 2017.

More information: Unfiltered Audio

Unfiltered Audio Indent 2