United Plugins has launched a limited time sale on the FireMaximizer plugin by FireSonic, offering a 50% discount on the dynamics effect that lets you beef up your sound with everything from transparent to brutal.

Loudness war may be over, but sound still matters. Some tracks require punchy, aggressive sound; others need a clean and transparent finish. Limiters are often too smooth, and clippers too aggressive… How about combining them?

FireMaximizer provides pristine clipper, saturator, limiter and multiband limiter algorithms and allows you to blend between them to get the exact ratio of digital and analogue grit and transparency your master (or individual instruments) needs!

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, FireMaximizer is priced only 59 USD/EUR until October 29th, 2023. The offer is valid at the United Plugins store and from distributors Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds.