Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Acoustic Piano

Ultimate Sound Bank Acoustic Piano

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Acoustic Piano, a new UVI Soundpack.

Acoustic Piano features surely one of the best sounding sampled pianos in the market. True to our beliefs, we don’t think it’s about figures (like velocity , memory, number of mikes) but about feeling. A good sounding piano is a rare alchemy between the instrument, the acoustic in the recording studio, the microphones and above all, the engineer’s taste.

Acoustic Piano features

  • Steinway D recorded at Guillaume Tell Studio
  • 2.5GB library, every single note was carefully multi-sampled at multiple velocity levels for both normal playing and with the sustain pedal pressed.
  • UVI Engine advanced keygroup layers and rule switching provides for the sustain pedal and release samples to perform and “feel” like a real piano.

Acoustic Piano is available for download for $59 USD (ex VAT).

Visit UVI for more information and audio demos.

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