Wildfunk has released Electro House Sounds 1, a sample library featuring electro house sounds.

Less is more! 100 selected sounds for the latest Electro House productions. No filler. Fat basses, wide chords and punchy leads! Pure sounds without any effects. No finished loops or melodies.

Electro House Sounds 1 features

  • Just load our MiniSampler into a Windows-based sequencer with VSTi support such as Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Sonar etc. and get started immediately!
  • Every sound has been sampled extra from C3 – C7 individually so there are no pitched or stretched sounds.
  • Patches for all popular samplers such as Reason NN-XT (.sxt), Logic EXS24 (.exs), Kontakt (.nki), HALion (.fxp) and SFZ (.sfz) are included.
  • All samples (725 MB) are available in WAVE format (.wav) in 16-bit / 44.1 kHz / mono.

Electro House Sounds 1 is available for download for 44 EUR.

Visit Wildfunk for more information and a demo mp3.