Universal Audio announces new development partnerships with API and Thermionic Culture

Universal Audio

Universal Audio has announced new development partnerships with API and Thermionic Culture, allowing Universal Audio to expand the range of unique audio processing plug-ins for the popular UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform.

API (www.apiaudio.com) – A recognized leader in the world of analog consoles and outboard gear, API has been building classic, time-tested signal processors for more than 40 years. With this new partnership, UA will be able to bring software emulations of coveted API products to UAD-2 platform users on Mac and PC.

Thermionic Culture (www.thermionicculture.com) – Manufactured and designed in the UK, Thermionic Culture is squarely focused on providing meticulously crafted, all-tube audio gear. With this new partnership, UA will be able to bring Thermionic Culture’s analog philosophy and distinctive sound to more engineers and producers worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our new partners to the UA family,” says Matt Ward, President of Universal Audio. “The legendary API signal processors and high-quality boutique products of Thermionic Culture both have something unique to offer UAD customers. We’re looking forward to the products that develop from these partnerships.”

More information: Universal Audio

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Pfft. Among the analog units in my rack is a hardware UBK-modded Empirical Labs Fatso, and I own the UAD version as well. The hardware blows the software version out of the water. In blind ABX testing (to remove placebo/expectation bias), it consistently sounded far smoother and pleasant. I’ve also got a Culture Vulture Mastering Plus in my rack, and there’s no way they’ll convince me that they are going to replicate that in software at UAD. Sure, there are very good software distortion plugins, such as SoundToys Decapitator and JUICE, which are the two best ones in my opinion,… Read more »


There’s still a reason to have the hardware units. I just reviewed proof of that, DMD Strikes Back.
But, for those on a budget, and perhaps those producing/sketching away from the studio, these software emulation are real nice to have. How about this one btw, http://rekkerd.org/kush-audio-introduces-ubk-1-plugin/

Cyforce / CFA-Sound
Cyforce / CFA-Sound

Interesting, now the hope for an emulation of the Culture Vulture on UAD raises ;)


uad also made a VERY good emulation of the manley massive passive, so if they do the thermionic emulation like they did with the manley i prefere it native, cuz 1. more flexible (you can simply put it on every channel) and 2. could never afford a real hw version