Universal Piper

Universal Piper has announced the forthcoming release of new pipes for its virtual bagpipe instrument.

For those who still hesitate to get Universal Piper, it is still at an incredible price at 49euros but not for long!! Soon there will be some incredible pipes in your computer and under your fingers. We worked hard to get 6 new pipes in the Box: see by yourself on the Blog

New Universal Piper pipes

  • 2 Pipes of Centre France, each covering one and a half scale
    • 23-inch Musette with an incredible round sound and a terrible Bass (66Hz).
    • Stunning 26-inch musette, a very “singing” instrument.
  • 3+1 Legendary Pipes
    • P Henderdon (1921), very full and clear sound.
    • D Mc Dougall (ca1870) A roaring animal start and then a velvet bubble.
    • RG Lawrie (1924) with a very specific equilibrium between drones and chanter
    • R Francois (2004) the youngster but with a bewitching sound.

These pipes will be available in a new version of Universal Piper by the end of the month.
Universal Piper is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU), priced at 49 EUR. The update will be free for existing users.

Note: Upon release the price will increase from 49 EUR to 69 EUR.

More information: Universal Piper