Virtual bagpipe instrument Universal Piper was updated to version 2.0.

Universal Piper is a new instrument that aims at faithfully reproducing the sound and the playing sensation of bagpipes of any types.

Universal Piper

Universal Piper

Changes in Universal Piper v2.0

  • New sounds: Uileann Pipe in D, Galician Gaita in C, two legendary GHB Ladies.
  • New sensor panel.
  • New presets management logic.
  • Gain knob added to presets.
  • The possibility to split drones and chanter to separate audio channels.
  • Spread stereo effect.
  • Universal Piper now works with every midi instrument.
  • New GUI: More clear and slightly reorganized main panel offers access to usefull buttons, fine (de)tuning, PC programming…

Universal Piper for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) is available to purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: Universal Piper