Universal Piper is a high-definition virtual bagpipe instrument for Windows and Mac.

It is not only dedicated to DAW usage but aims also to approach the specific experience of playing a real bagpipe when used with one specific midi chanter available on the market.

It’s a software sampler dedicated to bagpipes. Today it is loaded with a GHB library but other bagpipe sounds will be soon available.

Universal Piper (standalone)

Universal Piper (standalone)

Universal Piper features

  • Sculpt your sound
    • Adjust the pitch and the gain on each chanter note,
    • Balance power beetween right hand/left hand,
    • Pan the drones and adjust their power,
    • Tune them like in real life!
    • Fine tune the pipe: chanter and drones alltogether.
  • Add some effects
    • Equalize your sound just as you wish,
    • Add some reverb,
    • Detune the whole pipe,
    • Add even a valve noise or a tired piper with the “Humanize” factor.
  • Empower your midi practice play
    • Choose a mode to use hybrid scales.
    • Pilot the software with midi orders, PC to switch presets, CC to start the drones, …
  • Listen to midi or bww files with the Universal Piper sound.
  • When listening to bww files you can widen or stress the duration of gracenotes.
  • Each preset has to scales, one natural and one tempered, they can be tuned separately and recalled with a CC midi command.
  • Play the pipe with low-level(!) chromatic instruments such as a piano or a guitar!
  • “Override” command aligns every preset on a A reference value, so you don’t have to re-tune when playing in a band and switching from one preset to another.

Universal Piper is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) for 49 EUR.

More information: Universal Piper