UniversumKiosk Sonic Sorcery Sounds Vol.1: Bea 5

UniversumKiosk has released Sonic Sorcery and Waves of land, two sample libraries.

Sonic Sorcery (Kontakt II, EXS 24MKII, HALion, Reason NN-XT, MACH5).
UniversumKiosk has managed to sample synthesizers that are only privileged to Electronic Classical Music composers, and made these accessible for all musicians!

Sonic Sorcery Sounds Vol.1: Bea 5

The sounds for this volume where produced in studio Bea 5, the voltage controlled studio at the institute of Sonology in The Hague, Netherlands.

The material was recorded from the studio’s patch board using an ADDA 2402 convertor by Digital Audio Danmark into Protools software.

The results were edited and processed with a digidesign TDM mix system, and various DSP plugins.


  • Consists of 2 parts and is approximatly 400MB in total
  • There are hunderds of sounds, single hits and multisamples
  • Sample Rate 44100 24 bits

UniversumKiosk Waves of Land

Waves of land (WAV) contains various approaches to sound and its use. It is divided into rhythmical loops, pads, single sounds and construction sets. Tempos are indicated and range from 80-140BPM. The overall atmosphere goes towards ambient. The samples are not meant to provide hooks and leads, they are meant to innovate, to alter, to add an exotic flavour, a sonic signature to an otherwise clean mix, it can create a psychological tension for a movie or it can just trigger creative ideas. The construction sets are atmospheric playgrounds where the user can add a personalized theme.


  • Textures, loops and FX library for omnipotential use
  • Brilliant effected drum(computer)loops, constructionkits, washes, whoops, growling, howling, angelic, and dark building materials and FX
  • Exquisite programming and sophisticated processed beats and sounddesign

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