Past To Future Samples has announced the release of Untamed Drums Psychedelic Pop Edition Vol. 3, a new volume in the popular series of drum sample libraries.

Past To Future Samples Untamed Drums Psychedelic Pop Edition Vol 3

This time we added a vintage Roland Sbf-325 stereo flanger to our arsenal for more authentic sound!

A Frankenstein vintage kit (Tama and Ludwig) with the blend of real drums with treated Drumtraks samples, careful flanging and phasing create this signature sound that you love!

Analog processing from our Dbx 165a compressors, API and NEVE preamps and equalizers makes these drums sound explosive!

The pack comes in 24-bit/48kHz audio quality, with over 20 round-robins for each velocity. Wav files are included for use without Native Instruments Kontakt.

Untamed Drums Psychedelic Pop Edition Vol. 3 costs $15 USD.

More information: Past To Future Samples