Following the success of the ADDAC103 T-Networks comes a new Eurorack module which is also inspired by Twin T-Networks circuits used in many legendary, analog style drum machines.

The new ADDAC System 104 is a simple 8HP, 4 voice module with frequency controls for each of the voices.


The new module also features CV inputs with attenuverters for each voice frequency. Due to the circuit specifications, and to keep the module at a low price, these CV inputs are not calibrated to 1v/octave.

At each voice input, there is a gate to trigger converter, so any input source is possible. 
In this case, audio inputs can also be used as inputs, and due to the nature of the gate to trigger converter, each voice can be used as very destructive filters giving users a range of sonic options.

The module features 4 voices, each with:

Frequency control, with CV input and attenuverter
  • Frequency range switch (low/medium/high)
  • Trigger input
  • Audio output

The unit also features a summing mix output with volume control.

The ADDAC 104 is shipping now for 160 EUR. Further, ADDAC System is able to custom color the front panel for an additional charge of 55 EUR (Red, Green, Blue, White, Silver Gray, Yellow, or Gold). The unit will soon also be available as a full DIY kit.

More information: ADDAC Systems