UplandToys Midular

UplandToys has released version 1.2 of Midular, a free set of MIDI effect modules for Max for Live.

Midular is a (growing) set of MIDI effect modules for Max for Live. The modules can be chained together in a modular fashion to form any number of effect chains. Used in isolation, they can act as quick problem solvers, such as quantizing notes in realtime, or delaying a certain set of notes. However, it is when multiple modules are chained together that the power of the modular aspect becomes apparent.

Changes in Midular v1.2

  • Added two new modules: OneNote and Timer.
  • Buffer now supports different play modes (up, down, up/down, random).
  • Bug related to playback in buffer fixed.
  • All devices resaved in latest version of MAX (v6.1.8). This fixed an issue where the modules would not load properly on certain setups, possibly related to running in the 32-bit version of Live & MAX.

Midular 1.2 is available to download now.

More information: Uplandtoys / Midular