Found at EverythingUSB: Belkin In-Desk USB Hubs and iPod Dock Fill the Grommet Holes.

Belkin USB grommet hole goodies

Belkin offers a

  • Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub, a 4 post USB 2.0 hub which comes with a power adapter and utilizes an angled design to make the ports easy to reach
  • In-Desk USB Hub, simular to the Front-Access one but with (3) flat ports
  • In-Desk dock for iPod, which allows you to charge and play your iPod and sync it to your PC and features a stereo in and out jack

These items require a 3″ hole in your desk, but if you don’t have one yet Belkin suggests you make one yourself.

Note: If your desk does not have a pre-drilled hole in it, you can drill one yourself using a 3-inch hole saw (requires separate purchase, not from Belkin).

Funny! Maybe they should put up a warning it requires a certain degree of handiness as well before people start demolishing their desks ;-)