Utopik-Audio CrazyOSCs

Utopik-Audio has released CrazyOSCs v0.3 Beta, a freeware polyphonic 3 oscillators synthetizer (created with SynthEdit) with delay and distortion units and many modulations possibilities.

New in v0.3 beta

  • Filter and Disto Modules redesigned
  • Delay is now stereo
  • New phaser unit
  • Added 1 extra modulation envelope
  • Added OSC phase modulation control
  • GUI update
  • New presets added
  • Bugfixes: Delay timing correction, VU-meters correction

Warning from the Utopik-Audio website: This plugin can produce extremly high & low frequencies at very high volume that can damage your ears and your monitors !!! BE CAREFUL !!!

Visit Utopik-Audio for more information and a link to download CrazyOSCs v0.3 Beta.