Variety Of Sound has announced the release of BootEQ mkIII, an update to the musical sounding mixing equalizer and pre-amplifier simulation for Windows.

With its four parametric and independent EQ bands it offers special selected and musical sounding asymmetric and proportional EQ curves capable of reproducing several ‘classic’ EQ curves and tones accordingly.

It provides further audio coloration capabilities utilizing pre-amplifier harmonic distortion as well as tube and transformer-style signal saturation.

The preamp of BootEQ mkIII contains an opto-style compression circuit providing a very distinct and consistent harmonic distortion profile over a wide range of input levels, all based now on a true stateful saturation model.

The update also includes revised EQ curve slopes, plugin calibration takes place for better gain-staging and metering, and the plugin now offers zero latency processing.

BootEQ mkIII is available to download for free in 32/64-bit VST formats.

More information: Variety Of Sound